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Dr. Branislav Matejic / Autologous fat transfer

Autologous fat transfer

Concerns about treatment with autologous fat due to often sub-optimal results are now a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative FAMI technique (facial autograph muscle injection).

FAMI is a non-invasive restorative fat transfer technique, by means of which fat is extracted from the hip or abdominal region, separated from blood and tissue parts, surgically washed, prepared and injected into tissue with a strong blood circulation, such as facial muscles and problem areas. The results are permanently reduced wrinkles, augmented lips and naturally full-looking cheeks.

An autologous fat transfer is performed under local anesthesia or semi-conscious sedation.

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    Duration of treatment: 30 -60 minutes
    Anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia/emergency sleep
    Pain: none
    Disability: 1 week
    Effect: Immediately
    Stitches: 2 weeks
    Durability: permanent
    Scars: small, barely visible
    Stay: Outpatient
    Protective measures: Cooling
    Sports leave: 1 week

    The procedure can be combined with almost any treatment

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