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Dr. Branislav Matejic / Nipple correction

Nipple correction

The so-called inverted nipple is both a functional and an esthetic disorder for the affected person. Retracted nipples may lead to an inflammation of the skin of the areola or to skin cracks, so-called rhagades.

Inverted nipples may be congenital or the result of a substantial loss of volume of the mammary gland. It is not uncommon for the nipple to become retracted after breastfeeding due to atrophy/tissue loss on either one or both sides, which can only be corrected surgically.

Correcting inverted nipples is very effective and relatively simple. The operation is performed under local anesthesia and as an outpatient surgery. Through two small cuts, which will not leave any visible signs, the mammilla is lifted and fixed in the new position by means of a special suture technique. The only major downside to this operation is that the lactiferous ducts are severed, so that any future breastfeeding will be impossible. This is why Dr. Matejic recommends to wait with this operation after any family planning has been completed. It is, of course, possible to perform the operation at any time should the patient have no wish to breastfeed in the future.

No certificate of incapacity is required. The pain is negligible.

Treatment request


    Duration of treatment: 1 hour
    Anesthesia: Local anesthesia
    Pain: hardly
    Disability: none
    Effect: Immediately
    Stitches: after 7-10 days
    Durability: permanent
    Scars: hardly visible
    Stay: none
    Bra support: none
    Sportcare: 1 week

    The procedure can be combined with tummy tuck and upper arm lift

    Tummy tuck
    Upper arm lift
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