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Dr. Branislav Matejic / Sweat gland hyperfunction

Sweat gland hyperfunction / hyperhidrosis / sweat gland removal

If increased sweating only occurs during/after physical stress, exercise, stress situations and/or as a side effect of medication intake, we speak of a physiological hyperhidrosis.

Sweating itself is actually a natural process and necessary for stabilizing the body temperature. We therefore distinguish between primary and secondary perspiration. If one’s own sweat production significantly exceeds normal levels, this can lead to a permanent feeling of unease and often to embarrassment. This condition can manifest itself on hands, feet and especially in the armpits, of which only the latter may be surgically treated. Hands and feet can be treated non-invasively, namely with BTX . The effect of the injections lasts for 4-6 months, after which the therapy has to be repeated. However, cases of partial or complete resistance to BTX treatment are known. In these cases, a surgical suppression of the vegetative nerve fibers is seen as the last resort.

A treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis is performed under general anesthesia. Upon injecting a special tumescent solution subcutaneously into the soft tissues of the armpit to further soften the tissue and minimize the bleeding, the sweat glands, as well as the adjacent subcutaneous fat tissue, are removed by way of a special suction cannula with a vacuum pump. The operation lasts about 1 hour. Only minimal scars remain from the puncture incisions.

Postoperatively you will receive a compression bandage, which can be changed or even removed after 2-3

days. The stitches can be removed after 7 days. An incapacity for work for the duration of 1 week is to be expected. All sports activities should rest for a period of 2-3 weeks. Because of the risk of infection, regular medical check-ups are required.


Duration of treatment: 1 hour
Anaesthesia: twilight sleep / general anaesthesia
Pain: hardly noticeable
Disability: 1 week
Effect: Immediately
Stitches: after 7-10 days
Durability: permanent
Scars: scars: hardly visible after one year
Stay: Outpatient / 1 day inpatient
Compression underwear: compression bandage
Sportcare leave: 2-4 weeks

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