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Dr. Branislav Matejic / Lip augmentation

Lip augmentation

Full lips are without a doubt a sensual phenomenon. So-called pouty lips are an ideal of beauty for every woman.

Not everyone is naturally endowed with full lips. Those whose lips have lost their fullness due to natural aging, can reach this ideal either by means of a temporary lip augmentation with hyaluronan fillers or autologous fat, or through a surgical lip construction (surgical eversion).

Hyaluronan offers a very popular and virtually unproblematic way to temporarily enlarge the lips in a subtle way. Dr. Matejic uses a lip filler that contains a local anesthetic, which soothes the pain during and after the treatment. The lip(s) will be completely anesthetized with a local anesthetic ointment or by nerve block anesthesia before the treatment, so that no pain can be felt. An oversizing of the lips (the often dreaded “dinghy lips”) will be prevented by both the special consistency of the malleable filling material and your doctor’s expertise. The result can be seen immediately: natural, sensual, full lips. Slight bruising may occur, which, however, will disappear after a few days.

A surgical eversion is a subtle operation. Either some skin is removed through a small incision from the bottom edge of the nose to the nostrils, so that the lip is slightly pulled up, or the mucous membrane is pushed forward in the invisible area of the inner lip by means of the so-called VY technique. The result lasts a lifetime, the lip vermilion looks visibly enlarged. The treatment can be performed under local or general anesthesia and is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure.

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    Duration of treatment: 15 – 20 minutes
    Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic
    Pain: none
    Disability: none
    Effect: Immediately
    Threads: none
    Shelf life: up to 6 months
    Scars: none
    Stay: Outpatient
    Protective measures: Cooling
    Sports leave: 1 week

    The procedure can be combined with wrinkle treatment

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