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Dr. Branislav Matejic / Thread Facelift

Thread Facelift

Absorbable threads represent a new achievement in the treatment of aging faces.

Upon applying an anesthetic ointment onto the face, threads are inserted directly under the skin and cause a foreign body reaction, which in turn stimulates collagen production. The threads remain in the body for about 290 days, after which they biodegrade and are reabsorbed. The newly formed collagen fibers tighten the skin, an effect that will last up to 1.5 years. The minute hooks or cones on the threads support this effect and hold the fiber in the desired position and provide lift as they push into the facial tissue.

One may choose between different lengths (4, 6 or 9cm; as well as 12- or 24cm-long threads with individual effects) and shapes (with or without hooks/cones) of the threads. In a detailed consultation subsequent to a facial analysis, the type and amount of treatments needed to achieve the desired effect will be determined. Dr. Matejic uses this method for tightening the cheek ligaments, forehead lifts, eyebrow lifts and for neck tightenings. This method is particularly effective for the face without large amounts of excess skin. In most cases, a gradual process is recommended, that means that an increasing number of threads are inserted at intervals. Starting with 5 threads per side of the face is standard procedure. Visible results are not to be expected until after 1-2 weeks. Complications like bruises and swellings are rare, however, the affected region should be cooled upon treatment for a few hours, and a resting period of 24 hours is recommended.

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Duration of treatment: 15 – 20 minutes
Anaesthesia: Local anaesthetic
Pain: none
Disability: 1 day
Start of action: 2 – 4 weeks
Threads: No outer threads
Shelf life: up to 18 months
Scars: none
Stay: Outpatient
Protective measures: Cooling
Sports leave: 1 week

The procedure can be combined with almost any treatment